Welcome to Airbus' Wings Campus in Toulouse.

Housing around 1,500 employees, the new campus is located at the heart of Airbus’ production and engineering activities and comprises the Company headquarters as well as integrated services buildings. One of the lucky departments to be located in this new campus is the Digital Accelerator. As an integral part of Airbus’ Information Management department, the Digital Accelerator aims at accelerating Airbus’ digital reinvention and transforming the way employees build, deliver and maintain products, using enterprise digital platforms that operate at industrial scale and speed.

The Digital Accelerator is organised in “tribes”: a tribe is a set of self-organised squads. Each tribe specialises in a specific area such as DevOps, Big Data, Cloud, API, IoT, Mixed Reality, and more. Meet Sayan, Pascale, Victor, John, Cécile, Marius, Bechir and Pascal and find out what they do and why they love being a part of this growing and exciting department! Through them, you will also have the chance to discover more about the brand new Airbus’ campus in Toulouse!